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Gospel Artist & Album Marketing and Social media

Marketing Like:
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We have IAB standard banners ((Size: 728 x 90. Gif, jpg or png.) available at 728×90 and 300×250. Other formats that you see on our website are now available,  just inquire when you contact our advertising representative.

Banners reach worldwide music customers and are not ad specific, nor-targeted by city, state and country. This allow the advertisers to generate sales worldwide instead of just local. Banner advertisements are sold on worldwide basis and not CPM (cost per thousand impressions) or part of fixed campaigns. You banner will rotate throughout the website with other advertisers.

Email Blasts
We are growing one of the largest opt-in email lists of Gospel Hottest Music consumers available in this high-end category, as well as a creative above the industry average. Our approach is a complete high impact interaction with our users. To ensure a great user experience we use and have available for those that we work with, high impact interactive marketing units. We utilize innovative information, and education and technology to drive users to our advertiser sites. High impact initiatives available include, uniquely designed contests developed to allow the user either to acquire or learn more about our partner’s products and services and banner and sales units that match the view of your e-blast, video or press release which is also posted on our website. 

From company branding to new product, single and album launches, we have worked alongside a wide range of clients from entertainment firms, corporate companies, music labels, small businesses, independent artists and event promoters to offer various customized marketing campaigns and heavily utilizing our social media streams to further promote your brand. 

To discuss custom integration, skin takeovers and sponsored artist opportunities, contact our advertising representative and discuss some of the many options available.

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If you’re interested in advertising on GospelHottestMusic.com, please email us at contact [at] gospelhottestmusic [dot] com. It is our creative  mission to deliver excellent customer service and make marketing & promoting your product, music or project on GospelHottestMusic.com the most simple and most effective way to gain highly targeted advertising exposure online, while working within your budget. 

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Featured Gospel Artist  Marketing and Social Media Marketing Like:
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1. Refunds will be issued for Option 1 thru 4 if your album / music cover is not uploaded on our website within 72 hours.

2. Refunds will be issued for Option 5 if your business website link is not displayed in our directory within 48 hours.


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